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Minuit Sonne Lolita Lempicka

My latest fragrance purchase is the Minuit Sonne Lolita Lempicka, a giant 100ml bottle, which i happen to love! And the fact that the bottle is absolutely gorgeous just makes it an absolute pleasure not only to use but to look at.

I am a huge fan of the Lolita Lempicka perfumes and have used up 3 large bottles of the original Lolita fragrance so I was really curious to see how this edition compares to the original.

Minuit Sonne Lolita Lempicka review

Here is what the official description of Fragrantica says: 

A new Midnight Fragrance for a modern-day princess coming out in 2014… Minuit Sonne! The clock strikes midnight, the magic hour when the hands point to new horizons! Your dreams are within reach, the night lies before you, the promise of dreams come true.
The fragrance is intense and luminous. The fragrance is an addictive and daring woody oriental. The notes include liquorice flower, sensual iris, dazzling jasmine alongside rare and exquisite notes of myrrh, vanilla infusion and benzoin.
A new crystalline glass bottle in the shape of an apple, reflective and iridescent, embellished with silver is reminiscent of delicate, sparkling jewels worn round the neck like a garland of stars.

First of all, how beautiful is this bottle? It has holographic look to the glass and silver glitter on the lief details. I read some reviews saying how much the glitter falls off but I have not experienced that, thankfully. Its a true beauty and I will for sure keep it after the perfume is gone, just for decoration.

The perfume itself is very very similar to the original Lolita Lempicka perfume, the way I remember it before the reformulation. It is very deep and sweet, very smooth and if you are into gourmand fragrances, this one will be totally up your street.
I find it lasts really well on me and it is perfect for the cooler weather, i think this would be a killer to use in the summer, way too deep and sweet. Maybe just one spray would be ok on a summer evening if you are really into smelling sweet and yummy. Which I am, so I may cause a gag or two but hey, no regrets! :)

Minuit Sonne Lolita Lempicka review

This is a total love for me and I will enjoy using every last bit of it, after which I will keep the bottle to bring a little bit sparkle and glam to my perfume shelf. Lolita, you have done it again!