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My DYI bedroom renovation

This post is about one of my other passions besides fashion and beauty- interior design and DIY. I have always enjoyed getting hands on with a project. It boosts the creativity and its so fun and satisfying after the project is done when you get to enjoy the results of your work. Also, DIY saves you money.

For quite some time i wanted to revamp my bedroom as I was already getting tired of the purple shades and really wanted to have something neutral with rose gold pops. And this is how this project was born. Here is a picture of the 'before'. Apologies for the bad quality, I took it with my phone before I thought to make a post out of the project.

Step one was getting rid of all the purple stuff. Going through the home-wear stores I find a big box of paint in the grey shade that I wanted, it was also on sale so this sealed the deal.
I have always wanted a bed frame but they can get quite pricey here in Finland and I never thought it was worth the splurge. However, here are several websites for pre-owned stuff and quite often one can find some great deals there. This is exactly how i came across my bargain but oh-so-fabulous bed frame.

Step two- the textiles.
I was lucky to find this gorgeous pair of rose gold curtains and this white ones in a second hand store, both in brand new condition and for a symbolic price. Done deal.

The bed cover and blanket I got from a furniture store that had very cute items and I knew I wanted a lighter bed cover and a cozy knit blanket. Meanwhile I was there, I spotted these cushion covers in dark grey with gold accents, they had to come home with me.
The little grey cushion covers are a DIY using grey cushion covers I had on hand and adding to them the bling factor using metal shoulder ''pads'' I had ordered online years ago and never made it onto a shirt. They look better on the cushions than they would ever look on me.

I knew I wanted some gold and rose gold pops on the wall and picture frames was the easiest solution. Frames can get pricey and so I decided to check online and see if I can get some at a bargain price. I was lucky to find several pairs of pre-owned frames, which I later decided to match and spray paint one of the pairs in rose gold and leave another one in their original gold color.

This candle holder was another lucky find. Surprisingly, got it in Lidl and it was in black color but with a few magic sprays it is nice and rose gold. Spray paint is a great invention indeed!

I wanted a rose gold lamp for my bedroom and while browsing for options I got the idea to transform my current one into something different. Mostly out of convenience as I could not connect a new lamp to the electricity if my life depended on it. My original lamp had strings of black rings hanging from this metal frame so I simply took all of them away and spray painted the frame and voila!

Another of my DIY projects was this little tufted chair. I spotted one in an online store but the price was steep. However, someone was selling this one for a really symbolic price so even the color was beige i thought to go for it. So I got the beige chair and decided to dye it grey. I think it turned out OK!

Of course no home is complete without a fluffy seat and cat print cushion! Plus. I adore this chair! Got it from the same store as the bed cover.

On a little visit to Ikea I spotted this little gold trey and it instantly became a home for my gold tone perfumes.Perfume bottles can be such a pretty decoration! And I found laying around the house this gold glitter candle.

While in Ikea, I picked up those fabric flowers to match my vase, which  I spray painted with my above mentioned spray paint in rose gold shade to match all other details. It was initially purple, of course.
I already had on my vanity this set of perfume bottles from Ikea, which I got years ago but now their colors wouldn't match my new decor. You guessed it- spray paint!

The final thing I added was a grey carpet to tie in all the elements.
I must admit I am very happy with the results and managed to prove myself that I can have a new decor without braking the bank.

The bottom line in numbers:

Paint: 15e ( on sale, original price 35)
Curtains: 10e
Bed cover: 20e
Blanket: 12e
Picture frames: 18e
Rose gold spray paint: 5e
Chair: 45
Carpet: 30
Tufted chair: 5e
Fabric dye: 2,5
Candle holder: 6
Candle tray: 4,99
Gold candle holder: 9,99

Grand total: 183,39e